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The Addictive Personality and Drug Abuse

An addictive personality drug abuse can be dangerous. When struggling with an addictive personality, abusing drugs for fun can lead to complications resulting in an addiction to these harmful substances. Getting professional help as soon as possible can ensure the best possible outcome. 

What is an Addictive Personality?

An addictive personality is a type of personality that can later develop addictive behaviors in the future. This can also include the possibility of developing obsessions or fixations on things someone may be passionate about. This combination can lead to someone having a higher likelihood of substance abuse or developing behavioral addictions (shopping, sex, gambling) as they cope with underlying fixations.

Some symptoms associated with addictive personality include impulsivity, poor self-regulation, low self-esteem, and risk-taking. These traits often are indicative that someone could begin experiencing addiction to behaviors such as drug abuse or gambling. Addictive personality drug abuse can be dangerous and life-altering. Having proper support is essential when struggling with an addictive personality and drug abuse. 

The Addictive Personality and Substance Abuse 

Addiction is complex. It is not solely based on whether a person has an addictive personality. There are genetic, environmental, and psychological factors that play a part in someone’s susceptibility to developing addictions to substances. With that being said, addictive personalities can be indicative of potential problems with substance abuse in the future.

Because of the traits of an addictive personality, the act of using substances, and the euphoric feeling that can be generated, can be addictive. The repeated use of these substances can produce a tolerance in a person. This causes a person to need more and more of the substance in order to achieve desired effects.

Substances like alcohol and drugs can be dangerous to a person’s health and overall well-being. Continued use can lead to dependence and addiction. Addiction can be life-changing and lead to severe consequences that can be difficult to rectify. Those struggling do not have to suffer alone. There is help available.

Genetic Factors that Worsen an Addictive Personality 

Genetic factors can also play a role in addictive personality and the intensity of the symptoms. It is important to note that these genetic factors do not mean someone will struggle with substance abuse problems. It only means those experiencing these genetic factors can become at risk of addictive behaviors like substance abuse. 

Some of these genetic factors include:

  • Family history: Having a family history of addiction or an addictive personality can be indicative of potential issues with these struggles in the future.
  • Dopamine: Genetic variations in dopamine receptors have been linked to a predisposition to addiction. Because the dopamine receptors control the body’s pleasure and reward system, when these variations occur, people can become at risk of pleasure-seeking behaviors. 
  • Impulsivity: Poor impulse control can lead to addiction to certain behaviors. The trait of poor impulse control can make a person susceptible to participating in risky and addictive behaviors, including addictive personality substance abuse. 

The Addictive Personality and Mental Health or Addiction

Addictive personality and its impacts on mental health and addiction can be difficult. Struggling with mental health and using substances to cope can be impacted by a person’s risk of an addictive personality. Those who struggle with depression, anxiety and trauma often turn to substances or addictive behaviors as a means of coping with their emotional upheaval.

These behaviors and substances often can temporarily alleviate some of the symptoms associated with these mental health conditions. Addressing and treating addiction to behaviors and substances simultaneously is crucial to effectively treating the disorders. Because they coexist with one another, mental health and addictions should be treated alongside each other. 

The Addictive Personality and Dual Diagnosis Disorders 

Those struggling with mental health and substance abuse are said to have dual diagnosis. When those struggling with addictive personality also struggle with dual diagnosis, the substance abuse and mental health symptoms could potentially become worse. People use substances to get rid of underlying mental health or emotional conditions. These substances seem to reduce symptoms of mental health, however, the result is the worsening of these symptoms. Addictive personality can drive substance abuse or compulsions and addictive behaviors as a means of coping with symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. 

Treatment for dual diagnosis is using therapeutic techniques to treat both mental health and substance abuse issues. Learning new and positive coping skills will help to change the negative thoughts and behaviors that occur as a result of mental health and substance abuse, into positive and more productive thoughts and behaviors. This becomes second nature, and in turn, a person learns new and positive coping skills to alleviate the feelings that substance abuse once masked.

Using these positive skills in daily life can result in changes and growth within a person who struggles with dual diagnoses and an addictive personality. Addictive personality substance abuse can be dangerous. Getting help as soon as possible can make a huge difference. 

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Struggling with addictive personality and drug abuse is extremely dangerous. It can lead to self-destructive behaviors and potentially fatal results. If you or a loved one are struggling, there is help available. Continuing down a path of self-destruction is going to be painful. Receiving help from Empowered Recovery Center can lead to healing and a happier life.

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