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Marietta, Georgia is a beautiful city known for its charming atmosphere, beautiful parks, and more. Our facility resides in the gorgeous city of Marietta where you or someone you love can get addiction treatment for drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions. We pride ourselves in offering life-changing and beneficial services at our rehab for Atlanta, GA. Our facility provides a comfortable and safe environment for those who struggle with living a sober or healthy lifestyle. However, not every condition is the same. That’s why we offer a variety of services and programs to help our patients. Learning about our values and what we provide here at Empowered Recovery Center will help you understand how we take care of our patients and prioritize everyone’s physical and mental health very carefully.

Why Choose Empowered Recovery Center?

Choosing the right treatment center for addiction or mental health concerns can be a tricky process. With many service providers and treatments available across the United States, it is important that you choose the right option for you.

Though many believe that selecting a suitable rehab or treatment program simply requires them to locate a rehab in Atlanta, GA that can offer treatment for a specific disorder, such as an addiction, choosing a rehab center goes well beyond this.

Here at Empowered Recovery Center, we have many comprehensive outpatient treatment programs that we welcome you to take advantage of as you embark on your journey to a successful, healthy recovery.

Find out more about our rehab in Atlanta, GA here or contact us directly to discuss your requirements with us today.

Customized Treatment Plans

In Georgia alone, there has been a rise in drug-related overdoses, making addiction treatment vital when seeking recovery. Fortunately, Empowered Recovery rehabilitation center helps clients and their families develop the power to reclaim their lives and achieve their full potential. We understand that addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all ordeal and everyone’s condition is not the same. That’s why we provide customized treatment plans to cater to each client’s unique needs. This way, people will get the necessary care to begin their life of sobriety in an effective way. 

Attending Rehab Atlanta GA can be a life changing experience for the better.


Rehab Atlanta GA can help those who need it the most.


Our individualized care and tailored treatment programs provide our patients with exceptional support throughout their personal recovery journey. Our modern facilities and exceptionally trained staff provide a safe and caring environment to begin mental, physical, and emotional healing. If you are delaying treatment because you are not getting the necessary services for your needs, let us help you in finding the right programs and services for you at our rehab in Atlanta, GA. Having a customized treatment plan allows you to have a better recovery experience here at Empowered Recovery Center.

We offer the best in long-term support – every client gets a year of recovery coaching at no additional cost.

Top-Tier Medical and Clinical Care

We continually pursue the highest caliber of medical and clinical staff to provide every client with the best chance of reaching their recovery goals.

We offer a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches, each of which are supported by the most up-to-date scientific research. Your recovery is important to us, and we are committed to offering you the most effective treatment program available.

Our vision

Dedicated to helping you reclaim your future

Rebuilding Yourself

Making a Brand New Start

We understand that recovery means more than just overcoming addictive behaviors. We aim to empower clients with the life skills they need to rebuild their lives. Our comprehensive program includes a year of recovery coaching at no extra cost to offer expert guidance and support beyond your time in our center.

In the process of becoming stronger and more confident, empowerment begins from within. We help you develop your self-esteem and self-worth so you can overcome any challenges you may face in life. We also recognize the importance of fun in early sobriety. As a result, we work with you to build a routine and lifestyle that inspires and motivates you.

At Empowered Recovery Center, our mission is to provide a safe place for individuals and families to heal while learning to make everylasting, positive changes. We hope to empower all of our clients and their families to continue their growth and healing throughout a lifetime of recovery.

Our Values

Our professional team treats every client with the utmost respect and sensitivity. We act with integrity, honesty, accountability, and compassion in everything we do. Your privacy is our highest priority. From the moment you make contact with us, our services are entirely confidential.

Individualized Treatment Programs

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of clinical and medical care to each client. Before administering treatment, we begin with an in-depth assessment to help us gain a comprehensive understanding of your addiction. Our expert team then designs individualized treatment programs tailored to suit your needs so you can reach your recovery goals.

Our personalized treatment plans combine a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches. These include:

At Empowered Recovery, we stay with you from beginning to end. We continually evaluate your program to ensure you receive the optimum treatment for you and offer personal support after leaving our center.

A Continuum of Care

We offer three different levels of care. These include partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient, and outpatient programming.

Partial Hospitalization

PHP is an intensive, structured recovery program in which a client attends treatment sessions for several hours a day, five days a week.

During PHP, you spend most of your time in our center, away from the normal triggers of drug and alcohol use. You are surrounded by other people in recovery who share many of your goals, helping you remain committed to your healing journey. You can, however, go home at night, reducing the cost of treatment and helping you maintain your family life.

We also partner with sober living facilities for those who desire it. We can additionally arrange transport to and from the center. Staying in a sober living facility provides you with twenty-four-hour care and support to help you overcome recovery challenges. They are also a place to develop strong friendships with others in recovery and take inspiration from others for the journey ahead.

Irrespective of whether you choose to return home in the evenings or stay in our sober living facilities, during your time with us, we take care of you so you can fully engage in your recovery. Our expert staff are by your side to make sure you are safe and have everything you need.

Intensive Outpatient

Our next level of care is intensive outpatient. Some clients will move onto this stage after PHP, while those with less severe problems may begin their journey here. Intensive outpatient consists of fewer hours per week than PHP, essentially meaning that those in recovery will spend a reduced amount of time in our center. You continue to attend a range of sessions with our expert staff and work closely with our therapists and case managers.

Outpatient Programming

Outpatient programming is our third level of care. During outpatient programming, our clients attend our center for a few hours of treatment each week. The difference between this option and our other treatment options is that we fit your treatment around your everyday life and routines. You can still go to work, engage in community activities, and fulfill home obligations.

Outpatient programming is suitable for those who want to recommit to recovery or are overcoming a relapse. It also allows those who have previously been in more intensive levels of care to readjust to a sober life.

Aftercare and Recovery Coaching

Our care doesn’t end when you leave our center. We know that early recovery isn’t easy. It involves overcoming challenges, healing, and rebuilding relationships. In some cases, recovery includes rediscovering your sober self.

To support our clients in their long-term recovery, we offer a year of aftercare at no extra cost. This aftercare includes expert advice, motivation, and continued support.

Modern and Specialized Facilities

Overcoming addiction is a complex process that requires deep introspection. You’ll also be required to work through personal issues and build new skills and coping mechanisms. It is a journey that requires time, focus, and energy.

Your sensory environment has a significant impact on your mood and mindset. Our specialist center is modern and comfortable, with areas for relaxation. The calm atmosphere helps you recharge between sessions, enabling you to gain as much as possible from each hour of treatment.

Our treatment rooms contain the most up-to-date medical equipment to assist you on your recovery journey. From individual counseling to family therapy, we have a range of different rooms to suit different purposes.

A Supportive Environment

Empowered Recovery offers a safe and peaceful environment away from the distractions of everyday life. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff provide exceptional care so you can focus on yourself and your recovery.

An essential part of addiction recovery is overcoming feelings of shame and realizing your worth as a person. At our center, we accept you for who you are and help you learn to love yourself.

We Are Here for You

If you are ready to take the first step in your recovery, don’t wait to call us today. Our team of experts will help you select the best program for your needs. Drug and alcohol addiction are important to treat. Knowing that we provide customized treatment to improve your physical and mental health will help you understand the care we place at our rehab in Atlanta, GA. Our team will help guide you through the admission and assessment process. Don’t wait any longer to get the necessary treatment you need. Contact us or visit our admissions page to begin your journey toward recovery today.

“Thank you Empowered Recovery for helping my son with such compassion and for all the family therapy sessions which were amazing for everyone.” – Tom, Parent of Former Client

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