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Many people who are diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder need a referral to get treatment at a facility. At Empowered Recovery Center, we offer rehab referral services in Atlanta for professionals with patients who need addiction treatment. Our team will consult with private doctors, therapists, and other professionals on how to refer Empowered to patients and know who is qualified to attend our facility.

If there is a patient that needs constant and intensive care for their drug or alcohol addiction, professionals will be able to easily get them the referral they need for treatment at our rehab center. Learn more about how we can help today through our rehab referral services Atlanta.

For Professionals

As a psychiatrist, therapist, or private doctor, they may sometimes need to refer a client to a residential treatment center. Empowered Recovery Center offers exceptional care and top-tier medical treatment to every client, providing the 24-hour support they need to safely begin their recovery journey.



Our expert team delivers detoxification, psychiatric, and therapeutic services, individualized to each client’s needs. With the client’s consent, we involve referrers in the admissions process and continue to communicate throughout the course of treatment.

How Can I Refer a Client to Inpatient Rehabilitation?

Doctors can refer a private client by writing a letter to our center or contacting us by phone. We understand addiction treatment can be urgent. We operate a rapid response policy that processes the request in the shortest time possible. After someone receives their referral, a member of our admissions team will lay out the options available and guide them through the next steps.

We welcome all private and insurance-funded clients, regardless of their circumstances or the nature of their addiction. In addition, we accept self-referrals and referrals from employers, families, medical and counseling institutions, and substance misuse services.

Our medical director leads our team, admitting medic, and an in-house psychiatrist. We recognize the admissions process is one of the most important parts of the treatment process. This is because it provides us with the insight needed to offer individualized treatment that fits each client’s unique needs. In our initial assessment, we work closely with referrers to collect the necessary information to design their personalized treatment plan.

We may request a letter from the client’s doctor outlining their medical history. Additionally, we may also contact any professionals working with the client or the client themselves. In some cases, with the client’s consent, we contact family members to gain a deeper insight into their loved one’s addiction and include them in the treatment process.

We base our decisions on a client’s suitability for admission on their:

  • Medical condition(s)
  • Detoxification needs
  • Substance use history
  • Psychiatric history

Our core values of integrity, honesty, accountability, and compassion permeate all our operations. Our entire admissions process is fully confidential and delivered with sensitivity and respect.

Who Requires Residential Treatment?

Many people who struggle with addiction require 24-hour support at the beginning of their recovery journey. Residential care ensures clients detox safely while offering them a safe environment free from the triggers and stresses of everyday life. It also provides expert support and advice whenever a client needs it. We are able to ensure our clients receive the care they deserve through our rehab referral services in Atlanta.

Clients may benefit from residential care if they:

  • Want to recover in a safe and drug-free environment
  • Can benefit from living with a supportive community
  • Have liver disease or other medical disorder
  • Live with a co-occurring disorder such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Live with others who engage in substance abuse or other unhealthy influences
  • Cannot maintain abstinence despite attending outpatient treatment or fellowship groups 

“Everyone at ER helped me so much! I’m coming up to six months clean now which I never thought I’d manage. I can’t say thank you enough times!” – Jerry, Former Client

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What Can I Expect After the Referral?

After referral, our professional admissions team conducts a pre-admission assessment to determine each client’s suitability for our program. We will let them know whether or not we decide to accept the client or recommend a different treatment program.

Rehab referral services Atlanta can give clients the opportunity to begin fresh.


Rehab Referral services Atlanta can help you get your life back on track.


If we decide to admit them to our center, we send each client a resource pack with necessary information about our treatment program. We outline what they can expect from the treatment and, what they need to bring to the center. We also include the basic rules and ethics of our team and community.

With the client’s consent, we keep referrers informed about their progress throughout the treatment experience. We update them on the client’s progress and inform them about any recommendations for continuing care once they have left our center.

What Happens at the End of the Treatment Program?

After completing our treatment program, we refer clients back to the care of their doctor, case manager, or referring professional.

Rehab referral services Atlanta can help to change lives for the better.

We understand recovery is a life-long process, which is why we provide ongoing support. We also offer a year of recovery coaching at no extra cost. Then, we provide each client with a continuing care plan. Furthermore, we help connect clients to other services and recommend continued treatment, self-care practices, and general advice to the referrer.

Insurance and Payment

Many insurance providers cover treatment at Empowered Recovery Center. Our knowledgeable team works with them to determine the extent of their coverage and manage the relevant paperwork. We aim to make addiction treatment as accessible as possible and offer free financial consultations to resolve any monetary concerns.

“No looking back now! The care was exemplary and you can tell the staff really care about you. I’m still in touch with my recovery coach regularly who has been a massive help.” – Kirstie, Former Client

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Compassion and Integrity

Empowered Recovery Center prides itself on its conduct and its ethics. We act with professionalism at all times, prioritizing privacy and confidentiality throughout our program. We understand addiction is not a choice and treat every client with compassion and without judgment.

We aim to maintain an atmosphere of acceptance and care where clients feel comfortable and at home by creating an environment that helps clients overcome feelings of shame, grow as a person, and rediscover their self-worth.



How Can I Arrange a Visit?

We welcome any healthcare professional who would like to visit our center to learn more about what we do. Please contact us to arrange a day and time that suits them.

Make a Referral Today

Empowered Recovery Center provides the care and support each client needs to overcome addiction and reclaim their life. Don’t hesitate to contact us by visiting our admissions page. Call or write to us today to make a referral.

“Thank you Empowered Recovery Center for helping my son with such compassion and for all the family therapy sessions which were amazing for everyone.” – Tom, Parent of Former Client

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