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Going through drug and alcohol addiction withdrawal alone is difficult. Despite this, a partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a great way to start recovering from addiction. PHP in Atlanta is a structured program of outpatient psychiatric services.

Patients will receive more intensive care than a regular doctor’s or therapist’s care. We provide the best PHP services to help everyone with different levels of intense addiction. Substance abuse not only affects the body, but one’s mental state and overall brain functionality.

When the brain thinks it’s normal to intake substances, that’s when it’s most important to break the cycle of addiction. Human bodies are not naturally fit to intake heavy substances. Nevertheless, PHP is where we can help break that difficult cycle.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A partial hospitalization program is an intensive form of outpatient programming for addiction. It’s perfect for someone who can’t live at a facility all the time. This means no overnight stay for patients. Hence, it is also known as a day treatment program. Patients can stay at home or in a sober living facility and receive the care they need.

PHP in Atlanta is a type of outpatient program. However, it still offers intensive services and support through medical and clinical aspects of care. When someone has gone through an inpatient program, they may want to transition to PHP afterward as a “step down”. PHP still deals with those with an intense level of addiction. Thus, someone who has relapsed and is in need of intensive medical care can start treatment through PHP.

Patients will receive treatment around three to five days a week. To add, they will spend their time participating in support groups and therapeutic methods. PHP offers many services during the program such as individual and group therapy, family therapy, and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) during detox. If someone has experienced treatments or programs and is still struggling with addiction, PHP may be the right option.  

group therapy at PHP in Atlanta, GA

Differences Between PHP and IOP

Partial hospitalization programs and intensive outpatient programs seem similar. Despite this, they do have their respective differences. Even though PHP and IOP allow patients to live off of the facility, PHP offers intensive medical care when going through or having finished detox.

The differences are very subtle but important. IOP is a more flexible way of outpatient treatment. Traditionally, it is for patients who are ready to be integrated back into their everyday lives. Those in PHP are able to live out of the facility. However, IOP is mainly for people who are still going through the harsh mental and physical difficulties brought on by addiction.

PHP is ideal if someone has gone through detox and treatments and has relapsed. Additionally, it is helpful if still going through symptom withdrawal in a more intensive way. It is also the best program to choose before going back into IOP or detox. IOP also has shorter hours for people to start living their lives of sobriety. In contrast, PHP offers more hours and readily available care for possible relapse or harsh symptoms.

While IOP has more of a flexible treatment program, it may not be the best for some people. When someone is going through a hard time with addiction, it is better to get the care needed to recover. Here at Empowered Recovery, our PHP in Atlanta can assist in someone’s recovery by providing quality medical care.

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Who is PHP in Atlanta For?

PHP is not for everyone. However, PHP offers many benefits for those who need it. This program is also the best way to help the transition toward IOP when needed. This is especially true when someone has finished detox and got treatment, but is not ready for IOP.

For a lot of people, symptoms of addiction can linger for a long time. When it gets tough to handle those symptoms, it’s best to continue to get the treatment necessary. This can include detox to a lesser extent, but still in an intensive and focused approach. 

PHP is mainly for those who: 

  • Have continued difficulties functioning at work, school, and other occupations
  • Are experiencing co-occurring disorders
  • Are not ready for IOP
  • Have an adequate support system at home
  • Are still experiencing debilitating symptoms after detox 
  • Need a more comprehensive approach to outpatient programs

Our PHP in Atlanta aims to assist patients in breaking the constant cycle of addiction in the mind and body. PHP is very beneficial for those motivated to get sober and need that extra help toward it. However, PHP should not be seen as a setback.

PHP is just as important as all other programs we service here at our facility. PHP is the right program if someone has a stable home environment and needs intensive daily care. Additionally, it’s ideal for those who need a team who will offer professional and compassionate care for our patients.

woman with head in her hands is struggling with an addiction

Benefits of PHP in Atlanta

Our partial hospitalization program not only offers physical treatments for addiction but also looks into improving mental health. As such, our PHP offers many benefits that can help someone through recovery.

These include: 

  • Intensive therapeutic services
  • Access to a psychiatrist
  • Medication management 
  • Frequent evaluations to check the progress
  • Intensive levels of care and healing
  • Addressing issues leading to addiction
  • Learning life skills and techniques for sober living
  • Family support 

Those dealing with substance abuse often have mental health disorders. The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported that 17 million U.S. adults experienced co-occurring problems with substance use and mental health disorders in 2020.

Our program provides different kinds of therapies that can help someone’s future life of sobriety. Some include family therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy, for instance. Another benefit is patients can live at home or in a sober living home while getting treatment.

PHP is perfect for someone who can’t live at a facility all the time. It’s also ideal if someone can’t get treatment due to work, school, or other responsibilities. All in all, patients don’t have to be isolated from their families while recovering. 

Treatment should not be a second thought when going through addiction. Knowing the plethora of benefits we offer for PHP will help a person understand what they need. It is never too late to start recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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What Happens at a Partial Hospitalization Program?

PHP is not a one-step process to recovery. There is a lot that goes into PHP many people might not know of. First, the process starts with an overview of the program. Then we gather information on someone’s medical history and current symptoms. This is mainly to find out if the program is right for the person. 

Once treatment begins, patients will go through various therapies and access medication management if they need it. If withdrawal symptoms are physically painful, our first step will be to help them ease into a more comfortable state.

Treatment will be during the day, and we will have them scheduled each week on when to come by. Once treatment is done, they can go back home for the evening. PHP offers great care when in the program, and it doesn’t stop there.

Once patients are out of PHP, they can use the many services we offer if they still want to better their situation for a life of sobriety. Additionally, PHP is not considered the only step to recovery. There might still be a chance for someone to better their mental health with the other therapies we provide. 

For those who think PHP in Atlanta might seem like the right fit, don’t wait anymore to get the treatment necessary to stop addiction. If someone no longer wants substances to control their life, PHP can get them back the control necessary to continue sobriety.

group therapy at PHP in Atlanta, GA

PHP at Empowered Recovery Center

PHP at Empowered Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia is part of a continuum treatment plan for recovery. Our professionals use a variety of therapeutic methods to help someone in overcoming negative thought patterns.

Additionally, it can help strengthen emotions, and harmful behaviors while building coping strategies for lifelong sobriety. This structured setting is proven effective in helping improve self-awareness, learn and apply healthy behaviors, and interact with others in a healthy environment.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy approach used in the treatment of both mental health and substance use disorders. CBT is a helpful tool in the management of mental health symptoms and complicated life transitions such as recovery from addiction.

CBT works by targeting the unhealthy relationships between one’s thoughts, emotions, past traumas, and behaviors to find patterns that contributed to substance abuse. Our licensed therapist can help one learn coping skills and identify problematic scenarios that could potentially lead to relapse.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy, or DBT, is another type of talk therapy very similar to CBT. DBT observes and investigates the patient’s emotions and the stress that comes with addiction. Many people find it hard to regulate and express their emotions, and it causes them to experience stress in a harmful way.

DBT aims to assist people in coping with the reality of their lives and behavior. DBT can be in either group or individual sessions if someone wants to talk one-on-one or learn from peers.  

Group Therapy

Group therapy is beneficial in many ways. It allows patients to explore emotions together and learn from other peers who have gone through similar experiences.

Group therapy consists of six to eight people to offer more motivation for conversation. At our PHP in Atlanta, group therapy offers a more intimate approach in a safe environment where people can share their experiences with no judgment. 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is the most common form of therapy. In a one-on-one therapy approach, patients will work with our therapists. They will discuss solutions and coping mechanisms for their addiction and mental health disorders.

Individual therapy encourages those going through an addiction to discuss their emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. This kind of therapy dives into many topics that have possibly changed from addiction, such as relationships, emotions, and mental health.

Trauma Therapy

If someone has experienced an event or situation in their life where they have felt under attack or feared for their life, they can benefit from having trauma therapy. Trauma therapy is meant to reassure patients and help them cope with PTSD they have developed because of traumatizing events. For many people, trauma has forced them to seek substances to relieve PTSD symptoms in their life. Trauma therapy is there to help patients break out of that cycle for relief and find better ways to cope. 

At Empowered Recovery Center, we offer many more therapies that one can go through in PHP. These therapies are here to help clients approach their addiction in healthy ways. Finding beneficial mechanisms for dealing with mental health and substance abuse will offer a life of freedom. Our PHP is meant for just that. Not only do we offer therapies, but also medication assistance to help relieve symptoms and decrease the risk of relapse.

clients hug one another during support group at PHP in Atlanta, GA

Get The Care You Need at Our PHP in Atlanta

Are you or a loved one still struggling with addiction? Do you question whether or not you need rehab? At Empowered Recovery Center in Atlanta, Georgia we can help offer you recovery support. Our PHP will help you in every way possible to get out of the unhealthy cycle of substance abuse. If you want to stay at home and still receive intensive treatment to assist in your drug and/or alcohol addiction, our team is here for you. Seeking and reaching out for help is difficult, but know that you are never alone in your journey.

Contact us or visit our admissions page to take those first steps toward sobriety today. 

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