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The Benefits of Continuum of Care Programs

Continuum of care programs, or step down programs, are extremely beneficial for those who are receiving substance abuse treatment. Getting a full spectrum of care from beginning to end is the best way to achieve the desired results of leaving substance abuse in the past. Substance abuse treatment and care should be individualized and focused on the person receiving the care’s needs. This is where a continuum of care program is vital to the success of the individual. 

What is a Continuum of Care Program?

Continuum of care programs provide a full range of care for the individual receiving treatment that lasts from beginning of treatment, until the end. These programs are individualized to the person’s needs, at whatever level they are at.

When a full continuum of care program is not available, it can provide an opening for individuals to fall through the cracks in a treatment program. As previously stated, continuum of care programs are also referred to as step down programs. This is because it allows a person to “step down” from a more intensive level of care to less and less intense levels until the person is prepared to reintegrate back into their normal day to day life. 

Components of a Continuum of Care Program

There are some important components that should be a part of the continuum of care programs for individuals receiving treatment. Those include:

Inpatient Hospitalization

During this phase, it is the highest level of care. This is where recovery from substance abuse begins. A person can begin physically healing from the effects of the substances they were using, as well as begin working on the mental health portion of treatment with access to medical staff and therapeutic professionals as they need them.

Residential Treatment

This level of care still provides access to professionally trained staff to address concerns. This portion of the continuum of care programs allows for a little more freedom, while still providing structure to help a person learn to manage their life normally again.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) are for those who have stepped down from the more intense treatment provided in inpatient hospitalization and residential treatment. Whereas those levels provide daily treatment groups and therapies, PHP usually offers treatment five to six days per week for a few hours daily. You still have access to therapists and medical professionals, the only difference is, at this point, you have grown some in your recovery and don’t require the 24-hour monitoring of medical staff.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient, or IOP, is another step down from PHP. This level of care allows for you to live at home, or in a sober living environment, where you begin returning to normal life and working, while still receiving treatment for substance abuse. Usually IOP is about three days per week for three to four hours where you can see a therapist and a doctor, and continue your treatment program.

Outpatient (OP)

Continuum of care programs usually provide outpatient programs as a last step down before a person completes their treatment regimen. While recovery is a lifelong process, and there are aftercare options available, this is where a person truly begins to live their life as they did prior to abusing drugs and alcohol. They have gained skills and tools necessary for tackling daily life without returning to substances in order to cope.


Aftercare programs help you to hone those coping skills and provide assistance with relapse prevention, peer support, and other resources.  

Why is Continuum of Care Important?

Continuum of care programs are vital to ensuring that nobody seeking help for substance abuse falls through the cracks. Receiving proper, personalized treatment for drug and alcohol abuse can help you to successfully return to a normal life. Having all of the tools provided through proper care will help you learn to live your life again without drugs and alcohol hindering you any further. 

How to Maintain Recovery After Treatment is Completed

Long-term recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol is possible. Recovery is not always linear, and everyone recovers differently. However, with proper treatment through continuum of care programs, support from friends and family, support from peers in recovery through support groups, you can recover just like anyone else.

Treatment for Substance Abuse in Marietta, GA

Substance abuse can be a difficult cycle to break. It can lead to damaged and broken relationships in every aspect of a person’s life, and those relationships can be difficult to repair. There is help available to those who are struggling that could be the catalyst to living a better, healthier life to begin repairing the damage caused while using drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one struggle with substance abuse, there is help. At Empowered Recovery Center, we offer a full continuum of care to help you reach your goal of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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