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What to Look For in a Trauma Therapist

Trauma can be one of the most debilitating mental health conditions you can experience, and getting help for it is the best thing you can do for yourself. What to look for in a trauma therapist is going to vary person to person. Therapy should be a personalized process, based on the person receiving its needs. But knowing and understanding what trauma therapy is, and some common deciding factors people use for choosing a trauma therapist can help you to make an informed decision on what would be best for you, specifically.

What is Trauma Therapy?

Trauma is one thing that can severely impact the mental health of an individual. When someone experiences, or witnesses, something traumatic it can leave a long lasting effect on their lives. Some people develop severe anxiety and phobias, from experiencing or witnessing a severe car accident for example, others can develop life altering PTSD. Regardless of the effects of the trauma, the symptoms can make life extremely difficult to manage and make it through day to day functions. 

Trauma therapy is a form of therapy that is trauma focused. It is provided by a mental health professional that is trained in specific therapies to help people who suffer with the effects of trauma to work through them successfully and begin living a productive life with minimal discomfort and interruption. Knowing what to look for in a trauma therapist will be helpful in recognizing your needs as an individual. Trauma therapy is not one size fits all and having personal and customized care is crucial to having a successful process of recovery through trauma therapy.

How to Find a Trauma Therapist

Seeking the help of a professionally trained trauma therapy is an extremely personal choice that can help to benefit the person undergoing the treatment. Anyone who has experienced trauma can tell you how deeply it can impact your life, so learning skills to help manage the symptoms associated with trauma can only help to control the outcome of these symptoms.

There are steps that you can take to help yourself in these situations, one of which is finding a trauma therapist that can address your specific needs. But how do you find one? Well there are also steps you can take to find one that can help you. This is a general list of things you can do to find a trauma therapist, and is not the only way to find the right care for you.

  • Ask a friend. If you know someone who may be undergoing trauma therapy, ask them about their experiences, about their therapist, and what they did to find the best fit for them. Insight from someone who is doing what you’d like to do can help you make an informed decision on what to look for in a trauma therapist and how to find one.
  • Check for local resources. These resources can be utilized as a guide on where to start when looking for a trauma therapist. Finding someone who can cater to your specific needs is imperative to successful trauma therapy
  • Set a list of goals. What do you hope to accomplish in this form of therapy? Knowing what you want from trauma therapy will help you to know what to look for in a trauma therapist, so when you begin looking for one you can look for these specific qualifications. 

What to Look For in a Trauma Therapist

When it comes to what to look for in a trauma therapist, this is going to be based solely on your own wants and needs as an individual. Trauma therapy should be patient centered, and it is not a cookie cutter lay out that can be used for everyone. Some people require different kinds of therapies in combination with medications or holistic treatments. While others can benefit from trauma therapy alone. What works for you may not work for the next person who walks into your therapist’s office.

When looking for a trauma therapist, the first thing to look for is someone you feel comfortable with. Many people find it uncomfortable to bare their trauma with people they know, so doing so with a stranger can be scary. That is why it is important to have someone you are comfortable with.

The next thing to look for in a trauma therapist is experience in what you are hoping to accomplish. Speaking with a trauma therapist who has helped someone through similar situations can make it easier to navigate the process. The team at Empowered Recovery Center has helped countless people overcome trauma and any related or co-occurring mental health disorders.

Next is proximity. Having someone local to you is probably the better idea. After all, once you start trauma therapy, you should not stop before completing the process. Staying the course will produce the best results.

Trauma Therapy in Marietta, GA

Trauma can be devastating to a person’s mental health. Receiving proper care to manage the symptoms caused by trauma can help to put your life back on track. If you or a loved one suffer with trauma, we at Empowered Recovery Center can help. Contact us today, and begin on your unique path to recovery!

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