Complementary Therapies

Here at Empowered Recovery, we support our clients in empowering themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. That’s why we’re known for our integrated and holistic approach to healing.
Why Choose Empowered Recovery
Why Choose Empowered Recovery
Complementary therapies are a vital part of our tailor-made individual treatment plans, and they could be the key to unlocking your authentic self in recovery.

Find out more about our complementary therapies here, or call us today.

What Are Complementary Therapies?

Experts define complementary therapies as “therapeutic treatments that fall outside the conventional canon of healing medicine”. They include elements with a track record of supporting people in healing from various ailments, such as yoga and meditation. Medical practitioners increasingly employ complementary therapies alongside conventional treatments like medication and talking therapies.

Here at Empowered Recovery, we are passionate about offering you the tools you need to overcome addiction and mental health problems. That’s why we offer high-quality, research-led complementary therapies to support your healing process.
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These therapies are guided by our core approach to healing which determines that everyone has the power to overcome their problems - they just need the right tools and environment to be empowered to access it.

The Mind-body Connection

We know that our minds, bodies, and souls are intimately connected. To heal, you must address all three. Complementary therapies often focus on the connection between these three core tenets of our being, helping you to heal and, in turn, draw strength from each one to empower yourself along your recovery journey.

For example, yoga soothes your autonomic nervous system, which in turn allows your mind to relax and process old trauma that is holding you back. Creating art uses the creative parts of your brain, stimulating neuroplasticity, and enabling you to learn new ways of thinking and approaching your problems. Taking part in faith-based discussion circles connect you with your inner faith, allowing you to draw on its strength to empower your recovery.
“I arrived at ER completely broken, I’d tried so many times to stop taking fentanyl. All of the staff really supported me and helped me realize that there was hope.” - Bill, Former Client

Complementary Therapies Offered at Empowered Recovery


Why Choose Empowered Recovery
Why Choose Empowered Recovery
Yoga is an ancient practice that can be traced back to practices in India over 5,000 years ago. Yoga involves the mind, body, and soul. It consists of movement, meditation, and controlled breathing to build inner and outer strength and a sense of calm and well-being in life.

In addition to the above, yoga can promote strength, inner well-being, and emotional regulation. It is one of the most popular forms of meditation and exercises around the world today.

Here at Empowered Recovery, we offer a few different types of yoga to support your recovery process. Each has a different pace and flow so that you can find the right one for you.

How Does Yoga Complement Other Treatments?

Many of us who struggle with addiction have difficulties regulating our emotions, finding inner calm, and connecting to ourselves. Yoga builds skills in all of these three areas. While still a growing area of research, experts now believe that yoga is highly effective for treating mental illness, especially when combined with talking therapies and medication.
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During your treatment at Empowered Recovery, talking therapies and medication, if required, will help you realign your relationship with yourself, substances, and the world around you. If you choose to partake in yoga, this process will strengthen your inner connection and promote the skills noted above.

Therapeutic Massage

The term therapeutic massage refers to a massage that aims to relieve pain and reduce stress. It’s usually used in contrast to the term ‘deep tissue massage’, which is more commonly used by those who play sports to promote physical strength and flexibility.

At Empowered Recovery, we offer two alternative forms of massage therapy:

  • Aromatherapy massage - Here, physical touch is combined with aromatic plant extracts and fragrant essential oils.
  • Thai massage - Also known as Indian massage, Thai massage is an ancient healing practice that employs gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body and mind.
“No looking back now! The care was exemplary and you can tell the staff really care about you. I’m still in touch with my recovery coach regularly who has been a massive help.” - Kirstie, Former Client

How Does Massage Complement Your Other Treatments?

Therapeutic massage promotes relaxation and detoxes both the body and mind from stress. It can be an enormously helpful tool for building a sense of calm and promoting progress in recovery. It can also be an excellent way to practice rebuilding trust and calm with another person after going through interpersonal trauma, an issue common for those recovering from addiction.
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Why Choose Empowered Recovery
Research suggests that massage is an excellent way of increasing the effectiveness of other forms of therapy for people overcoming addiction. That’s why you’ll find massage available to you daily during your time with Empowered Recovery.

Mindfulness Meditation

As the name denotes, mindfulness meditation combines two core aspects: meditation and mindfulness. Mindfulness meditation teaches practitioners to slow down and adjust their thoughts and feelings in an easy and accessible way. It helps you focus on the present moment by encouraging you to accept your inner thought stream and associated sensations.
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Mindfulness meditation encapsulates a whole range of tools for helping you to cultivate this skill - it’s not as simple as just deciding to be aware of yourself. You will work through different breathing techniques and visualizations that will help you find your own unique path to mindfulness. That’s why we have several expert guides here at Empowered Recovery.

How Does Mindfulness Meditation Complement Other Treatments?

There’s a reason that so many new therapies, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, combine aspects of mindfulness into their practice. By focussing on the mind-body connection, mindfulness helps you put things you’ve worked on in other forms of therapy into practice. In turn, this can help you cope with heavy feelings that arise during the recovery process.

Mindfulness meditation is, therefore, a highly effective complement to other treatments available at Empowered Recovery. Your treatment team will discuss your options with you during your in-depth assessment, through your treatment planning process, and during your treatment so that you can choose the right path for you.
“Thank you for giving me the courage to believe in myself again.” - Stephanie, Former Client

Benefits of Complementary Therapies

Therapeutic massage promotes relaxation and detoxes both the body and mind from stress. It can be an enormously helpful tool for building a sense of calm and promoting progress in recovery. It can also be an excellent way to practice rebuilding trust and calm with another person after going through interpersonal trauma, an issue common for those recovering from addiction.
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Our team is waiting to answer any questions you might have about the complementary therapy options available at the Empowered Recovery treatment center. Get in touch today to find out how to start the rest of your life.
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