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Dialectical Behavior Therapy In Atlanta

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. It teaches people to develop healthy ways to cope, regulate their emotions, and become more mindful of their behavior. Here at our dialectical behavior therapy in Atlanta, we go into depth in behavior therapy. DBT helps people deal with the stresses that come with addiction. It goes beyond the physical aspects of addiction and helps with the mental health conditions included within drug and alcohol abuse.
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What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

DBT is a type of talk therapy for people who experience their emotions in a very stressful way. This stress can make people develop different mental health difficulties and also with behavioral health problems. However, at our dialectical behavior therapy, we strive to help them cope and understand these problems to continue recovery. 

“Dialectical” means combining opposite ideas. In this case, DBT assists people in accepting the reality of their lives and behavior. They also help them change their unhelpful behaviors in the process. Lastly, therapists will work with patients in finding the best way to bring balance in their life toward acceptance and change. 

When people are dealing with substance abuse, it becomes hard to change their way of life. Especially for those who have heavy addictions. That kind of thinking is what DBT is here for. Abusing substances is not normal, but the brain might think it is. At this stage, it’s time to break out of this cycle. 

Our patients are never alone in this process. One person’s normal is not the same for someone else’s and patients can discover what therapy works for them. Therapists will guide them through the process of finding healing. Through our dialectical behavior therapy in Atlanta, they can heal to create the healthiest future possible.

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How DBT Works

Dialectical behavior therapy in Atlanta comes in two different forms. It can be through individual sessions or in group sessions. Through group sessions, people are able to learn about coping methods and behavioral skills from their peers. Thus, the benefits of DBT group sessions include providing many helpful ideas and perspectives for those who are struggling. 

In an individual session, people privately learn techniques that fit their unique needs. Sometimes, DBT also offers coaching and guidance during the most difficult parts of recovery. This therapy will help people deal with the stress that comes up during rehab. There are four main parts of DBT to help guide someone through acceptance and behavioral change.

These include: 


This includes observing one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions without judgment. This is the first process therapists will talk with patients about to promote acceptance.

Distress Tolerance

Distress tolerance will help people cope with challenging situations and emotional pain. Therapists will be working with them to learn how to accept these difficult moments.

Emotion Regulation

Therapists guide patients to develop strategies in regulating intense emotions. This process involves identifying those emotions, learning techniques to reduce them and experiencing positive ones instead. 

Interpersonal Effectiveness

The final trait of DBT helps patients improve their communication in relationships. This will improve their assertiveness, and help them communicate their needs clearly. They can also learn how to set boundaries to secure their mental health.

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Benefits of Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Atlanta

There are many benefits in our dialectical behavior therapy to help people toward recovery. DBT helps with various disorders that could come with drug and alcohol addiction. These disorders can include borderline personality disorder, depression, suicidal thoughts, and eating disorders, for example. 

DBT benefits people by improving their relationships with others and the quality of their life. The skills they learn can be used anywhere and can be applied in their everyday life. Mindfulness does not have to be solely for mental health. In fact, someone can also implement it at work, school, and at home. 

In DBT patients will learn to accept themselves and their situation while working on how to handle or accept crisis and stress. There is also the great benefit of learning how to maintain and build healthy positive relationships through DBT. Finally, they will be able to build helpful coping skills dealing with negative emotions. Then, they can find a balance in enjoying more positive and emotional moments in their lives. 

Dialectical behavior therapy aims to help those dealing with drug and alcohol abuse to find peace within themselves. One of the most important factors in starting recovery is understanding their current situation. In our behavior therapies at Empowered Recovery Center, we aim to further that conversation. As a result, we help patients find joy and emotional balance with themselves and those around them.

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DBT and Addiction

Substance abuse is one of the most common problems DBT targets to try and better the quality of life in. Through DBT there are many ways someone can improve their recovery.

These include:

  • Decrease the stress and discomfort associated with withdrawal and/or abstinence 
  • Stopping opportunities and other temptations that may encourage abuse
  • Reducing the thought that the brain or body is in need of drugs or alcohol
  • Increasing community reinforcement and seeking support in recovery

Substance use and mental health disorders are often combined. According to SAMSHA, in 2017, 8.4 million American adults suffered from both mental health and substance use disorders. It is very common for substance abuse to occur with mental health conditions. That is why we offer our best services for our therapies toward recovery.

Whether someone is going through drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and/or has behavioral addictions, we can help. Our therapists will provide the necessary care and skills needed to live without any stress from substances. 

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Are you or a loved one you know dealing with the stress of addiction? Empowered Recovery Center can help. Our dialectical behavior therapy will help you deal with the overwhelming stress that addiction comes with. It’s not easy to do it alone, so we strive in guiding you through the best services in recovery.

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