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Family Therapy

Our family can be our biggest strength and our greatest weakness. At the same time, some addictions begin with family strife and dysfunction, and many end there too.


What Is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy. It provides a safe space for family members to talk to one another and often helps many resolve any issues that may have arisen.

Family therapy is often a way of rectifying maladaptive family dynamics that are a causal factor in an addiction cycle. It can also be a way of healing the unintentional hurt caused as a result of an addiction.

The exact aim of family therapy is as unique as every family’s situation. Examples of challenges tackled by families through family therapy include:

  • Supporting the family of someone in the process of overcoming addiction.
  • Overcoming a shame-addiction cycle.
  • Teaching non-violent communication skills so that family members can express their needs and desires without hurting others in the family.
  • Breaking intergenerational trauma cycles.
  • Recurring conflicts that feel difficult to resolve.
  • Helping a member of the family to advocate effectively for their needs.
  • Forming healthy mechanisms for conflict resolution.

The idea at the base of family therapy is that mental health problems, such as addiction, don’t occur in a vacuum. Instead, they are often caused by conflict, and in turn, affect family units.

Here at Empowered Recovery, we know that the troubles you face when an addiction arises can touch every part of your life. We are determined to provide you with every tool possible to help you build the power you need to overcome addiction. In many instances, family therapy is an important component of this.

Who Can Take Advantage of Family Therapy?

Family therapy usually includes children and a parent or parents, siblings, or those in a relationship. However, here at Empowered Recovery, we don’t limit ourselves simply to biological links; we know that family is much more than that.

We provide family therapy to any defined group of people who care deeply about one another and want to participate in the recovery journey. It can benefit family members of all different ages who are facing challenges.

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Couples Therapy

Also known as marital therapy, couples therapy is a specific type of family therapy overseen by a trained psychotherapist. Typically offered to those in a romantic relationship, couples therapy involves aspects of life that family therapy is unlikely to touch upon, such as sexual issues and romantic bonds.

Some people think that a relationship has to be failing before you can engage in couples therapy. Others assume that couples therapy is only for people on the brink of breaking up. However, at Empowered Recovery, we know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.


Couples therapy is a fantastic way to deepen your bond and better understand each other, particularly when one or both of you is struggling with or supporting someone in recovery from addiction.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy is accredited as a highly effective form of therapy for groups of people in a range of different life circumstances.

Some of the benefits of pursuing family therapy at our center include:

  • Reduced relationship distress
  • Discontinued maladaptive patterns
  • Increased satisfaction from relationships
  • Improved communication skills
  • Resolution of ongoing conflict
  • Greater sense of connection

Family Therapy at Empowered Recovery

Treatment at Empowered Recovery begins with an in-depth assessment. This assessment helps us gain a comprehensive understanding of your mental health. Once complete, our team of medical professionals design an individualized treatment program tailored to your unique strengths and needs to help you to unlock your healing goals.

During this initial assessment, we will discuss your family’s situation with you. Usually, we will incorporate family therapy into your unique recovery package when it seems that enhancing your relationships with others would be beneficial. We will also do so if we believe family therapy could result in positive changes.

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How Does Empowered Recovery Use Family Therapy?

At our treatment center, family therapy is conducted by a psychotherapist who has vast amounts of experience helping people work through interpersonal issues together.

Although family therapy is different for everyone, it typically draws on the strengths of therapies developed in one-on-one contexts, such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – This focuses on the link between thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) – DBT blends CBT with aspects of mindfulness to achieve more significant connections.
  • Psychoeducation – Empowering clients to understand and address aspects that may impair their lives, this particular therapy helps them learn how to cope with mental health disorders.
  • Structural-strategic therapy – Focusing on identifying issues within relationships and behavior patterns, structural-strategic therapy formulates tangible solutions.



Combined, the above provides an effective blend of therapeutic tools that supports families in overcoming hurdles and maladaptive cycles within their functioning. When carried out during family therapy, they also unlock the healing potential of each person’s love.

What To Expect in Family Therapy?

Usually, family therapy sessions begin by assembling the client and their chosen family members in a room with a psychotherapist. Sometimes, however, the client themselves may not be present. Family members may also receive some one-to-one sessions with the psychotherapist.

Family therapy sessions usually last between fifty minutes and one hour and, in most instances, are completed over the space of three months. However, you and your needs are at the center of treatment, so your treatment program is as unique as you are. If longer or shorter sessions for a different length of time are required, then that’s exactly what we’ll deliver.

Does Support End When I Graduate?

During therapy, you can:

  • Examine how you solve problems
  • Talk about how you express your thoughts and emotions
  • Explore roles and rules
  • Identify your family’s weaknesses
  • Appreciate your strengths

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