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Alcohol Addiction Treatment In Atlanta

Alcohol addiction can have devastating effects on all aspects of a person’s life. At Empowered Recovery Center, we offer comprehensive and compassionate alcohol addiction treatment in Atlanta that helps people get their lives back on track. Our team of experienced professionals understands the complexities of alcohol use disorder and provides personalized care to ensure a safe and successful recovery.

We utilize evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group counseling, individual counseling, relapse prevention strategies, and more to help individuals build healthier lives. With our support, clients can take back control of their lives from alcohol addiction and start the healing and recovery journey.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a severe form of problematic drinking. People with AUD often lose the ability to control or limit their drinking, regardless of the negative consequences they experience. Additionally, consuming alcohol can take an emotional toll on those suffering from AUD. They may also experience physical symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shaking, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and depression when trying to reduce or quit drinking. 

When it comes to treating alcohol addiction, various program options are available that lead to sobriety. A common first step in the recovery process is a medical detox program. Accordingly, physical alcohol dependence can be gradually reduced without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms. 

Empowered Recovery Center offers comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment in Atlanta that focuses on both medical and mental healing. This helps manage withdrawal symptoms while addressing underlying mental health disorders that commonly co-occur with substance use disorders. 

Statistics show that Alcohol Use Disorders are prevalent across the United States. According to the 2021 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 29.5 million people aged 12 and older had AUD within the past year. Notably, Georgia has one of the highest rates of underage drinkers in comparison to other states. Further, the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics reveals that 15.1% of adults over 18 in Georgia binge drink at least once each month.

It’s vital for those struggling with AUD and their loved ones to know that there is help available for this disease. Specialized treatments and lifestyle changes enable individuals to live meaningful lives free from alcohol addiction’s grip. With proper rehabilitative care from trusted professionals like those at Empowered Recovery Center, individuals can learn how to maintain sobriety and find fulfillment in recovery.

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Causes of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a severe problem impacting individuals, families, and communities. It can lead to a variety of physical, emotional, and social problems. The causes of alcohol addiction vary from person to person, but some common factors play a role. 

Genetic factors such as a family history of alcoholism may predispose some individuals to develop an alcohol addiction. People who have mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, or PTSD are more likely to turn to alcohol as a way of self-medicating their symptoms. Social influences also play a big part in the development of alcohol addiction. As well as people who grow up around alcohol abuse or live in environments where drinking is condoned are more likely to do so themselves. 

Environmental elements also contribute to the development of alcoholism, including easy access to alcohol or the presence of stressors like poverty or violence in the home environment. Binge drinking is also linked to an increased risk of developing an addiction down the line since it quickly leads to tolerance and dependence on alcohol. 

Ultimately, having any kind of risk factor increases the likelihood that someone will develop an alcohol addiction. That’s why it’s important for those struggling with an alcohol use disorder to seek out professional treatment services from qualified providers. With dedicated therapy and support services, individuals can take steps toward recovery and get back on track with their lives.

Factors That Influence Addiction Risk

In summary, experts have pinpointed several factors that make some individuals more prone to developing an alcohol addiction throughout their lifetime. These factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Economic factors
  • Life history
  • Environmental factors
  • Childhood stress and trauma
  • Social factors such as sex and race
  • Genetic predispositions
  • Mental health disorders
  • Peer pressure
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Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue and one that can be extremely difficult to identify, particularly because it is so widely consumed in socially acceptable ways. However, with regular consumption of alcohol comes the potential for dangerous addiction to develop. Additionally, given its legal status, people often have a false sense of security that alcohol is somehow safer than other drugs. But the truth is, alcohol addiction can be just as powerful and devastating as any other form of substance abuse.

There are certain signs and behaviors that indicate an alcohol addiction may be present, such as drinking more than intended and increasing tolerance levels where more and more alcohol is needed to achieve the desired effect. Other signs may include frequently drinking alone or trying to hide alcohol from family members or loved ones. Additionally, someone who drinks heavily may also experience physical symptoms such as tremors, upset stomach, or rapid pulse rate when not drinking.

Other signs of alcohol addiction include:

  • Intense cravings for alcohol
  • Drinking in private
  • Hiding drinking habits from friends and family
  • Inability to retain information when under the influence
  • Experiencing mood swings when confronted about drinking habits
  • Joking about having an alcohol addiction
  • Feeling as though you need alcohol to get through everyday life
  • Struggling to keep up with responsibilities, home, work, or school

There are also physical signs that indicate if alcohol addiction is impairing someone’s life. These include:

  • Breath that smells of alcohol many hours after drinking
  • Weight loss due to replacing meals with alcohol
  • Red marks over the face due to broken capillaries
  • Yellowing of the eyes and the skin due to liver damage
  • Increased appearance of aging and wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Poor hygiene

If someone is struggling with an alcohol use disorder it’s important to seek help right away in order to avoid further damage. Withdrawal from alcohol is often extremely uncomfortable and may involve changes in mood or behavior. Fortunately, there are medical professionals who specialize in supporting safe recovery from alcohol use disorder. Those seeking alcohol addiction treatment in Atlanta, and surrounding areas, have access to our medically supervised program designed specifically for alcohol use disorder.

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Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can have a devastating impact on both physical and mental health. Additionally, when under the influence of alcohol, people may act impulsively and recklessly with little regard for consequences. This could lead to legal repercussions such as driving under the influence or engaging in antisocial behavior.

Alcohol addiction has far-reaching effects beyond the individual drinker. It can create financial instability leading to homelessness, disrupt families due to emotional or financial neglect, and affect those around them through verbal or physical abuse. Often, children of parents addicted to alcohol grow up to also struggle with substance abuse.

Health complications associated with alcohol addiction include:

  • Heart damage, including heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Sexual problems
  • Suppressed immune response
  • Stomach distress
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Nerve damage
  • Organ failure

In addition to the above, the effects of alcohol addiction can:

  • Increase the chance of developing a mental health disorder
  • Cause financial and legal problems
  • Risky behavior that leads to accidents, promiscuity, unwanted pregnancies
  • Isolated from family members or friends
  • Problems with work or school
  • Act as a distraction method from other issues in life that need to be addressed

What To Do if You Suspect That Someone You Love Is Suffering from Alcohol Addiction

We understand just how difficult it can be to know what to do when concerned about a loved one’s relationship with alcohol. Although much of our treatment focuses on providing those struggling with alcohol addictions the treatment they need, we are experts in family therapy and social support for those struggling with alcohol addiction.

Even though it can be scary, no one should be disheartened. There are several things to do when worried that a loved one needs alcohol addiction treatment.

Below, we have outlined just a few ways to help someone:

  • Educate yourself

    To ensure that you can help someone struggling with alcohol addiction, it is worth learning more about the treatments such as alcohol detox and dual diagnosis.

  • Choose a good time to talk

    Talking to someone about their suspected alcohol addiction can be tricky. We recommend approaching them in a non-judgmental way at a time when they are less likely to be under the influence. When the time is right for you to talk to your loved one, ensure they know you are on hand to support them and inform them of the available help.

  • Talk about what is happening

    Focus on the effects alcohol is having on their life and the lives of those around them.

  • Seek medical intervention

    Although you may feel as though you need to do everything in your power to help your loved one on your own, it is best to seek medical intervention. Here at the Empowered Recovery Center, we provide a wealth of treatments that your loved one needs to beat their addiction.

  • Let them know that you are there every step of the way

    At the Empowered Recovery Center, we are passionate about family and community healing. You can accompany your loved one to appointments and engage in group therapy with them.

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How Empowered Recovery Center Treats Alcohol Addiction in Atlanta, GA

Empowered Recovery Center is here to help individuals and their families reclaim their lives from alcohol addiction. We believe that every individual struggling with alcohol addiction has the strength to overcome it. They just need to be empowered to unlock it.

At our center, we offer a safe space for clients to address their addiction, assess the root cause of their addiction, and uncover coping strategies that will help them make a long-term recovery.

In addition to providing a wide range of treatments for alcohol addiction, our staff is on hand to help at all times. Acting with integrity, honesty, accountability, and compassion, clients will find themselves treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity should they choose to overcome their alcohol addiction with our support.

Empowering Individuals

We believe that empowerment begins from within. For this very reason, as clients progress through alcohol addiction treatment in Atlanta, they will find they have the help they need to enhance their self-esteem and overcome any challenges they may face.

We also recognize the importance of fun in early sobriety. For this reason, we will also work with clients to build a routine and lifestyle that inspires and motivates them.

We continually pursue the highest caliber of medical and clinical staff to provide every client with the best chance of reaching their recovery goals. We offer a range of evidence-based treatment approaches, including:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Initial medical evaluation with weekly follow-ups
  • Life skill development
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Begin Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Atlanta

The initial stage of recovery is only the first chapter of your new life. Although our alcohol addiction treatment in Atlanta will assist you in taking the first steps toward an alcohol-free future, we also offer free aftercare support.

If you are ready to find out more about our alcohol addiction treatment program and begin your mental, physical, and emotional healing, contact us today.

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