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How To Help Someone Who Is Addicted to Cocaine

How To Help Someone Who Is Addicted to Cocaine

March 22, 2022
Speaking to a friend or loved one about cocaine addiction is a difficult bridge to cross, but doing so can make an enormous difference in their decision to seek help in the future. The unfortunate truth is that many people witness signs …

What Does Cocaine Do to the Brain?

March 17, 2022
Cocaine is an extremely addictive central nervous system stimulant that induces an intense yet brief high. Associated with feelings of improved mental alertness, confidence, and euphoria, the intense, rapid onset of these emotions can in…

Cocaine Overdose Symptoms

March 15, 2022
Cocaine is a powerful and addictive stimulant that people take to acquire a temporary euphoric high. However, this high is always short-lived. Not only is cocaine illegal, but it is extremely dangerous for your short and long-term health…

Substance Abuse Group Topics

March 10, 2022
Substance abuse groups offer a wealth of support and help many people maintain long-term addiction recovery. As a form of group therapy, those who attend substance abuse groups have a shared goal of living a life free from the shackles o…

Long-Term Side Effects of Cocaine

March 3, 2022
Cocaine is a stimulant drug that works by speeding up brain functions. It’s found in powder and rock forms that can be snorted, smoked, and rubbed onto the gums. Cocaine can also be dissolved in water and injected. The powder form …

Cocaine and Pregnancy

March 1, 2022
Drug use always comes with risks, including short and long-term health problems, overdose, addiction, and death. When you take cocaine during pregnancy, there is a chance of serious harm not only to yourself but to your unborn child. Coc…

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in Your System?

February 24, 2022
Using cocaine for a prolonged period can alter your brain’s behavior and structure and cause severe health, emotional, and social problems to arise. Determining how long cocaine stays in your system can be complex. Many variable fa…

Does Alcoholism Run in Families?

February 22, 2022
Alcoholism sadly affects the lives of millions of people every day across the United States. Unfortunately, people who fall prey to alcohol abuse often end up losing everything, including their families, their possessions, and even their…

How To Get Off Cocaine

February 17, 2022
Cocaine addiction and drug abuse can be devastating; they can cause you to feel lost, helpless, and out of control. Acknowledging the problem takes a lot of strength, so well done for getting this far. Once you have admitted that you nee…

Can You Die From Alcohol Withdrawal?

February 15, 2022
Sometimes quitting alcohol can simply mean making small and manageable changes to your lifestyle. But for many, alcohol withdrawal can make stopping drinking more difficult. When you engage in prolonged heavy drinking, there is potential…

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