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What Is A Day In Rehab Like?

A day in rehab can be a catalyst toward sticking out the process and beginning to heal, living a new life, and finding recovery. What is it like? What happens on a day-to-day basis? How does it help? These are all valid questions and the answers could lead someone to make a decision to choose a different way of living. It can encourage them to begin healing from not only the addiction to drugs or alcohol but also the underlying factors that caused it.

Who Goes to Rehab?

Rehab is a place to begin learning to live life normally again, while simultaneously gaining control of life. Those who struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs, both prescription and illicit, could benefit from attending a rehab program. The benefits of going through this process could lead to a life that an individual didn’t know they could have.

During active addiction, many lose control. This could be control over using the substances, or control of their life. The substances generally take hold and begin to be the sole purpose in an individual’s life. A day in rehab can be the first step to learning what life could potentially be.

Intake and Admission Process

The first step to a day in rehab for a person who may be looking to end their addiction to drugs or alcohol is going through the admission and intake process. This includes asking any questions one may have about what a specific place has to offer, and then making the decision to go. After this, someone would go through the intake process, sign some paperwork, and begin utilizing the tools available to them. Therapies, social events, and routines are in place to help someone as they go through the process of healing from drug and alcohol addiction so that they may find recovery.

The Timeline

Usually beginning with waking up and having a healthy breakfast, a day in rehab can help build this routine. Everyone has heard the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eggs, toast, and other healthy options help to promote the body’s healing process. Once breakfast is complete, someone could begin getting ready to participate in daily activities.

Group therapy, individual therapy, and case management usually take place throughout the day. Lunch comes next and then more of the daily activities occur. Free time and a healthy, balanced dinner usually come in the early evening allowing for proper digestion and energy to complete the day and get a restful night’s sleep.

Daily Activities In Rehab

A day in rehab comes with some specific daily activities. These activities are in place as a way to build a daily routine for an individual who is working to grow away from the substances and into a life of recovery. Generally including both group and individual activities, a day in rehab would provide a safe space. Here, an individual could begin to gain hours that turn into days away from the substances that brought them to rehab.

Support Groups and Peer Support

Group groups provide support from others who are further along in the process, and allow for an individual to relate to what someone else has gone through. In short, they come to understand they are not alone. Addiction is a process of isolating oneself and feeling like there is nobody there for support, when in reality an individual has all of the support they could need or want.

Having like-minded peers who are relatable can help those who undergo the rehab process to find peace in knowing they are not alone. The individual or one-on-one meetings help an individual to work on themselves. In the end, they can learn positive coping skills for their unique needs.

Therapies and Social Events

Therapies like CBT and DBT are part of a day in rehab. These therapies are meant to help an individual identify and learn exactly how addiction to drugs and alcohol has impacted their life. They can also learn how feelings and emotions play a role in addictive behaviors. They are extremely beneficial to changing the thought processes surrounding the addiction from negative to positive.

Social events that a day in rehab can provide help to show someone that just because drugs and alcohol are removed from their life, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t fun and entertaining things that they could do to replace drinking and drugging. 

Evening Routines

A healthy and positive routine can be a catalyst to changing an individual’s life. The evening routines provide a beginning to creating routines in their life. In-house or outside meetings, game time, dinner, and getting to sleep at an hour conducive to beginning the next day refreshed are beneficial things to have as a part of a healthy nightly routine.

Get the Care You Deserve in Rehab

When going through addiction to substances like drugs and alcohol it can be a pretty difficult process. When an individual makes the decision to put a stop to the addiction and begin living life again, rehab is a beneficial process to finding recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, we can help. At Empowered Recovery Center we offer a healing environment where recovery can begin. Learning to live life without substances is just a phone call away.

Reach out today and begin living a new life.

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