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Behavioral Addictions Versus Substance Addictions

May 19, 2023
Many often wonder what can be addictive. What are behavioral addictions versus substance addictions, and which is worse? Both addictions can be detrimental to someone’s life and knowing what could define these could be helpful to identif…

What Causes Behavioral Addictions?

May 5, 2023
When someone suffers from behavioral addictions it can affect not only them, but those closest to them as well. Behavioral addiction causes can stem from the euphoric feeling felt when engaging in the addictive behaviors, or when profiti…

What to Look For in a Trauma Therapist

February 10, 2023
Trauma can be one of the most debilitating mental health conditions you can experience, and getting help for it is the best thing you can do for yourself. What to look for in a trauma therapist is going to vary person to person. Therapy …

How Does Equine Therapy Help Anxiety?

January 20, 2023
Using equine therapy for anxiety has become more common in recent years. But what is equine therapy and how is it beneficial in the treatment of anxiety? Those who struggle with anxiety disorders know the life altering effects it can hav…

The Link Between Body Image and Substance Abuse

January 13, 2023
If you struggle with body image, then you know the emotional roller coaster surrounding it. Adding substance abuse to that can make it all the more complicated. What is the link between body image and substance abuse? This is a question …

How to Beat Intrusive Thoughts

January 6, 2023
At one point or another, everyone has experienced some sort of intrusive thoughts. Oftentimes people ponder techniques on how to beat intrusive thoughts. Avoid the thoughts, think about something else, and hope for the best seems to be t…

How to Stay Sober: Tips for Getting and Staying Sober

May 31, 2022
“I Can’t Even Make It Sober One Day”- How to Stay Sober? Getting and staying sober involves having a plan and some concerted effort. Your plan should involve: Getting Support If you have been drinking or taking drugs fo…

Substance Abuse Group Topics

March 10, 2022
Substance abuse groups offer a wealth of support and help many people maintain long-term addiction recovery. As a form of group therapy, those who attend substance abuse groups have a shared goal of living a life free from the shackles o…

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